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The Hidden Swing Secret: What Pros Know and You Don't... Yet

Tired of drives that don't go straight and far?

It's not just about lost golf balls – there's a bigger picture you're missing.

And guess what?

Tennis players, baseball players and even hockey players are doing it.

Big names in golf have been keeping a key secret: the real trick to hitting strong, straight drives.

It's a technique used by top players like Victor Hovland, Tiger Woods, and Jon Rahm.

They know how to expertly open and close the clubface during their swing – a skill reserved for the pros.

But does it have to be?

Why can't you learn this pro move, too?

It's time for you to know this secret and change your game

Unlock the Pro Swing Technique

. . . . Clubface Rotation . . .

Move past those quick fixes and get to the heart of driving the ball powerfully and accurately.

Get ready for a game-changer – the secret the top golf companies didn't want you to discover

And hey, who can blame them?

If amateur golfers ever learn the real reason they struggle with the driver…

Those huge companies will be in a world of hurt.

Unfortunately for them, we’re about to reveal the truth, right here and now.

Better yet…

We’ll show you the solution to all your driving issues

  • The low, ugly slices.
  • The thin, weak dribblers.
  • The sky-high, pitifully short pop-ups.

Yep, they all come from the same place.

And it’s not your swing.

It’s the pros’ swings.

You read that right.

The blame for your lousy driving lies squarely on professional golfers.

No, this isn’t some wild conspiracy theory.

It’s based on cold, hard facts.

The main one is this:

The average PGA Tour pro swings the driver at over 115 MPH.

The typical amateur? Depends on who you ask, but the consensus pegs it around 90 MPH.

(If you’re past age 60, it’s likely a bit lower than that.)

On paper, that would only explain the massive difference in distance between tour pros and average Joes.

But here’s the thing:

While pros generate tons of speed with their “big muscles” – the hips, torso, arms and shoulders…

Their hands and wrists are also remarkably strong and supple, which allows them to whip the clubhead through the hitting area with ferocious speed.

Which means they have no problem squaring the clubface and striking the sweet spot – the key to both length and accuracy.

Now you might think that if you can swing at 90 MPH, then you should have no trouble turning the club over and squaring it up.

That would be true, if not for this inconvenient fact:

Equipment makers build drivers to fit their pros. And the last thing pros want is a club that’s too easy to rotate.


Because over-rotation leads to giant, uncontrollable hooks.

And tour pros who hook the ball don’t stay on tour for long.

So... how do the manufacturers make sure their drivers aren’t hook machines?

By subtly designing them so that the toe actually resists turning over.

That means less weight in the heel section and more in the clubhead overall.

For pros, this is the exact solution to their problems.

For amateurs, it is the problem! Here's how:

  1. It prevents you from squaring the face through impact (especially if you’ve lost hand and wrist strength), and…
  2. Robs you of much needed clubhead speed by slowing your release.

So... now that you know the real reason you’ve never been able to fix your driving issues…

Now what?

Lucky for you, there is finally an alternative.

It’s a groundbreaking new driver designed to make it easy for regular golfers like you to release the toe through impact – just like the pros do.

That means straighter drives.

Better contact.

And an extra 6 – 12 MPH of clubhead speed.

Which translates to a whopping 15-30 more yards per tee shot.

Are you ready to see it?

Here it is – the club’s that’s gonna change your game instantly:

The Colt 255 Driver built with Proprietary Rotational Force Technology

Colt 255

To be fair, it may not look much different from the driver you’re playing now.

But it’s the parts you can’t see that make the Colt 255 far better for your game.

That hidden Rotational Force Technology was put there by a team of world-class club designers – guys who’ve personally built sticks for some of golf’s top pros and equipment companies.

Thanks to that experience, they know exactly how the big brands tailor their drivers to maximize performance for elite players.

And how that hurts regular golfers like you.

The team brought all that expertise to the Colt 255 Driver – a marvel of craft and ingenuity.

Let’s take a peek at the features that make it different than the rest.

Draw-Tuned Weighting Tames Any Slice Instantly

You read that right.

You can stop trying to fix your slice.

The Colt 255 Driver does it for you.


That’s the beauty and power of draw-tuned weighting and Rotational Force Technology.

By placing extra weight in the clubhead’s heel section, the designers made it much easier to release the Colt 255’s toe through impact – even if your hands and wrists don’t have quite the same snap they used to.

Even if you have always struggled with releasing the club.

That’s not all.

This weight shift also moves the club’s center of gravity a touch closer to the shaft axis (i.e., the line around which the shaft rotates).

That makes it easier to get the Colt’s clubface on the proper plane…

Keep it on plane throughout the swing…

And smack the sweet spot time after time.

Counter-Weighted Shaft Jolts Your Speed & Distance

A small amount of weight added to the Colt 255 Driver’s grip end makes a big, big difference.

How so?

Without getting too technical…

Extra weight in the grip moves the club’s balance point closer to the hands. (In clubmaker terms, that lowers the swingweight.)

The effect is to make the clubhead feel lighter – and a lighter head increases your swing speed.

You don’t see many pros with counterweighted clubs because, again, they don’t need a lighter feeling clubhead.

What this tiny weight adjustment means for you, though…

An extra 6 – 12 MPH of speed we mentioned earlier.

At about 2.5 yards per MPH, there’s your 15 – 30 yards of newfound driving distance.

On the golf course, that translates to much shorter approach shots…

At least one full club less into the greens… if not three clubs less.

So instead of trying to squeeze a 7-iron onto the green...

You’re taking aim with an 8-iron...

Possibly a 9 or even a wedge!

Oh, and lets not forget, thanks to the Colt 255 Driver’s anti slice technology...

You’re hitting that shorter approach shot from the short grass.

Extra Loft Creates Higher Launch & Longer Carry

If your current driver has less than 11 degrees of loft – which it probably does – then you need more.

It’s easy enough to check, since it’s likely printed on the club.

Without looking, though, here’s the telltale sign that you need a driver with more loft::

Your tee shots are low darts that fly a shockingly short distance… usually with a slice.

That won’t happen with the Colt 255.

The engineers of the Colt 255 hit that 11° sweet spot right on the number. . .

You’ll get more height off the clubface – but without the excess spin that can come from too much loft.

One more thing about a little added loft:

It’s a proven slice fighter.

Think about your 3-wood or 5-wood. You probably don’t slice them nearly as much as your driver, right?

The higher loft is a key piece of that equation.

Lightweight Clubhead & Hot Titanium Face Deliver Lightning-Fast Ball Speed

Paired with the counterweighted shaft, the Colt 255’s light, T6 aluminum clubhead practically zips through the impact zone.

And when it meets the ball?

The powerful titanium clubface sends that sucker rocketing down the fairway.

You’ll love the Colt 255’s pure feel vibrant, powerful ping..

Heck, even when you miss the sweet spot, you’ll barely notice a difference.

In sound, feel, distance or accuracy.

Fact is, the Colt is built with materials every bit as good as those in a major brand driver.

(For a lot less money, as you’ll see shortly.)

Perfectly Paired Shaft Maxes Out Your Power & Accuracy

If the shaft truly is the engine of the club…

Then Colt 255 Driver has a turbo-charged 12-cylinder.

The designers put just as much craft into the graphite shaft as they did the clubhead.

You’ll choose between five flexes, each with a weight and torque rating geared specifically to your swing speed.

Shot after shot, you’ll see a reliably high launch angle and dialed-in accuracy.

You’ll also enjoy better distance, than you’re getting today.

Colt Sprinter 255 Driver Specifications

Loft: 11°

Length: 45.5”

Clubhead Size: 420cc

Swingweight: D2

Sole & Crown Material: T6 Aluminum

Face Material: Titanium

Shaft: Graphite (available in 5 flexes)

Goodbye Banana Ball, Hello Big Drives & More Fairways

Let’s quickly sum up what you can expect when you move from a conventional, pro-optimized driver to the accessible, amateur-focused Colt 255. :

  • An immediate improvement in your slice. In fact, it might vanish altogether – and you might even start hitting draws
  • A 6 – 12 MPH jump in clubhead speed, which means another 15 – 30 yards of driving distance
  • A higher launch and longer carry, allowing you to maximize your length off the tee (shortening holes considerably… and boosting the ol’ ego)
  • Consistently solid contact, so you max out your yardage a lot more often
  • Exceptional forgiveness when you do catch one off-center, making your miss-hits easily playable
  • Silky smooth feel throughout the swing, and a pure rush when you strike the sweet spot

Of course, these may sound like mere claims – hyperbole from a small company trying to steal customers from the big boys.

They’re more than claims, though.

They’re actually guarantees.

We’ll even put it in writing with a promise:

Play the Colt 255 Driver for 60 days.

If it doesn’t beat your current driver in every category, return it for a full product refund.

The key categories would be average distance and fairways hit per round.

But we want you to be completely, 100% IN LOVE with the Colt 255 Driver.

So you find its appearance off-putting…

It feels displeasing in your hands…

Or the sound grating on your ears…

In fact, if you find any fault in the Colt 255 that you simply can’t get past…

Just return it within 60 days and we’ll refund every cent you paid (less any shipping and handling charges).

We’re confident this club will check all your boxes – on the very first swing, when you drill it down the middle.

OK, let’s bottom-line this thing so you can get to the course.

You can keep playing the same tour-pro-approved driver…

Keep investing a small fortune every time a new, supposedly improved version hits the shelves…

Keep watching your slice squirt off into the weeds or worse…

Keep adding penalty strokes to your scorecard…

And keep feeling frustrated because you can’t fix the problem…


You can start squaring up your driver…

Start catching the sweet spot perfectly flush…

Flying hazards…

Finding fairways, and…

Making your pals wonder what the hell’s gotten into you…

As you outdrive them hole after hole…

Round after round…

With the Colt 255.

Order yours now and let’s make it happen.

Colt 255 Driver

Retail Price: $299

Yours Today: $149


60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
And Unconditional Refund Policy

Questions / Order by Phone

If you have a question about the Colt Sprinter or if you’d like to order by phone, call our friendly customer service team at 888-461-9402 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00pm EST). You can also send an email to