The Teton Hybrid Driver Review

Teton Hybrid Review: Could You Finally Achieve Better Accuracy and Longer Distances off the Tee with This New Club?

Have you heard of the Teton Hybrid?

If you struggle with consistency off the tee, you may want to give this brand new club a closer look.

The Teton Hybrid was designed by a Superstar Nike engineer with twelve Golf Digest Hot List Awards to his name.

Josh Boggs set out to create a unique golf club that was easier to swing than a conventional driver but achieved the same distance. To do this, he turned to the easiest club to hit: the hybrid. What if Briggs could combine the forgiving features of the hybrid with the distance of a driver? Could it be a game-changer for millions of golfers?

The result of his effort is the new Teton Hybrid from Golf Knack, makers of the H7 Hummingbird Wedge. I tried this club out for myself and invited a few of my students to test it as well. Now, I’m sharing everything I know about this new club with you.

What Problem Does the Teton Hybrid Solve?

Each generation of golfers has seen major advancements in club design and golf technology. For my generation, it was the invention of the hybrid. My buddies and I spent the early eighties struggling to hit controlled shots with our longer irons.

Then somebody introduced a club that delivered greater accuracy and easier control.

The hybrid literally changed the game. We enjoyed a smoother journey to the green and had a lot more fun playing golf.

And yet, no one has introduced a solution to the challenges of the conventional driver.

The Problem with Your Driver

Hitting a driver is a ton of fun when everything goes right. There is nothing more satisfying than hitting it flush and watching the golf ball sail straight down the center of the fairway. Not to mention, we all have a great time telling our best driver story.

Unfortunately, for every tale your buddy tells about a 265-yard drive, there are a dozen stories he’s not telling you. Like when he dribbled one off the ground at the next hole for a 20-yard “drive.” Or when he snap hooked it into the weeds and made a triple bogey.

If you’re like a lot of casual golfers, your best drive is a lot longer than your average driver distance. And that’s because it’s hard to be consistent with the driver. The shaft is too long to control and there’s not enough launch to get a decent carry distance.

Plus, you have to change your golf swing when you hit your driver. This creates several opportunities to ruin your shot through improper driver setup or golf posture.

These issues are what the Teton Hybrid was designed to solve. This club promises to deliver:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Better control
  • Higher launch
  • Consistent distance similar to what you get with your best-ever driver shots
  • All without changing your golf swing

Sound good? Let’s dig into whether this club is for you.

Who is the Teton Hybrid For?

Generally speaking, the Teton Hybrid is designed for casual golfers. It’s an excellent solution for anyone who would love to get more consistency off the tee but doesn’t have time for extensive driver practice.

That said, highly skilled golfers may find some use out of this club as well.

In fact, I have an excellent student who hits his driver about 225-230 yards. But he can only carry it about 175 yards. That’s not enough carry distance to consistently get him across the water at one hole on his home course.

The Teton Hybrid is designed with a higher loft to pop the ball up in the air and help you carry the golf ball farther. This could be an asset to a great golfer like my student . . . someone who has the power but is still struggling to carry water.

The Design of the Teton Hybrid

So, what does the Teton Hybrid actually look like? What makes this club different from your driver or a standard hybrid?

First, the clubhead of the Teton Hybrid is sized between a traditional hybrid and a conventional driver head. It is essentially an oversized hybrid head that allows for greater accuracy while eliminating some of the bulk that can throw off your drives.

The Teton also features a tall driver face. This creates a higher moment of inertia (MOI) to prevent twisting.

To achieve that higher launch and more impressive carry distance, Briggs designed the Teton with a 14.5-degree loft.

Finally, the shaft of the Teton Hybrid is much shorter than that of your driver. This shorter shaft length allows you to lower the tee height and enjoy more control and accuracy off the tee.

The Teton comes with four shaft options:

  • Senior Plus Flex with a mass of 70 grams and a torque of 5.5
  • Senior Flex with a mass of 75 grams and a torque of 5.0
  • Regular Flex with a mass of  80 grams and torque of 4.5
  • Stiff Flex with a mass of 85 grams and torque of 4.0

Now for the big question:

How Much Does it Cost?

The Teton Hybrid is currently available for $199. This includes a 60-day money back guarantee. (Note that the refund excludes shipping and handling costs.)

Bottom Line: Does the Teton Hybrid Do What It Promises to Do?

Yes, the Teton Hybrid works exactly as promised. I tried and my students tried it. We all found that:

  • The Teton launches the ball much more effectively than a driver.
  • Those who struggle with carry distance get more air with the Teton Hybrid.
  • Students discovered much more consistency from shot to shot with the Teton.
  • Shots were more accurate.
  • The Teton was easier to swing than a driver and more comfortable to use either way.
  • We all got incredible distance off the tee with a standard iron swing or hybrid golf swing.

In short, I highly recommend this new club for anyone who wants longer and more consistent drives without a ton of practice. Those who enjoy the challenge of mastering their driver may not be as intrigued by the Teton.

But if you’re just looking to have a better time on the golf course, this club will do it.

What Do You Think?

Are you interested in the Teton Hybrid? Have you tested this club for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  • I’m interested in ordering this club. I’m curious to know, do you have a military discount? Thanks.
    Bob Heath

    Bob Heath
  • I have the same comment as this gentleman below.
    Please assist as I have logged in and searched your website for it and can’t find it.

    My Hybrid driver just arrived and I was very happy with it. I thought I read that there was a guide to the proper use and different tee up heights, which I did not receive. Cheers Dennis
    Dennis Austin May 10, 2021

    Gregory Eekhout
  • My Hybrid driver just arrived and I was very happy with it. I thought I read that there was a guide to the proper use and different tee up heights, which I did not receive. Cheers Dennis

    Dennis Austin
  • The Teton comes with four shaft options:

    Senior Plus Flex with a mass of 70 grams and a torque of 5.5 Senior Flex with a mass of 75 grams and a torque of 5.0 Regular Flex with a mass of 80 grams and torque of 4.5 Stiff Flex with a mass of 85 grams and torque of 4.0

    what is / are the differences between these options


    Bill Gregoricus
  • I just received a few days ago my new Teton Hybrid Driver and I love it: it is easy to hit to 220 yards with more consistency than the normal Driver.
    Now I enjoy of mastering my drive.
    Highly recommended

    Michel Crespo

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