The 3-Step Process to Hit a Draw With Driver

If you are like most golfers, you tend to struggle with a golf slice, especially when it comes to hitting your driver.  So how can you start working towards turning that horrible golf slice into a nice high draw with your driver?

Here are 3 simple steps you can implement in your golf setup to help you start hitting a draw!

Lead Arm High, Trail Arm Low

When you get set up to the golf ball, take your lead arm (left arm for a right-handed golfer, right arm for lefties) and raise it so it is slightly higher than your trail arm.  This is going to help you swing the club a little more to the right, which is going to help negate that swing path that comes across the ball from out to in.

Stance Aim

Next, take your feet and aim them slightly closed to the target line.  So for example, if you are a right-handed golfer and your target is the center of the fairway, that puts your aim slightly to the right of center.  (If you golf lefty, this puts your aim slightly left of center).  How far should you aim?  Nothing crazy, maybe 10 degrees.  

Club Face Aim

After you get in position with a slightly closed golf stance, the final step is to make sure you keep your club face square to the target line.  So although your feet have shifted their aim, your club stays square.  To repeat: the club face stays square to the target line, and not aimed the same as your feet and stance.


Now you have an upper body that is tilted slightly away from the target to help you hit up on the ball, a slightly closed stance to help your path swing more in to out, and a square club face to help you start your shot slightly to the right and finish back toward the target.  And in just 3 simple steps, you will be turning your drives into nice high draws in no time!


  • Thank you for, Step 3 THE DRAW. [not fore] (-: …

    Herbert J. Weber III
  • Thank you, great advice,I will use it soon.

    Estebangriego2 Tech2321

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