Proper Ball Position for Irons

Get Better Contact with Proper Ball Positioning for Your Irons

Today we're going to talk about making solid contact with your irons. One of the key components to doing that is controlling the bottom of the swing arc.

Now in order to do that, we want to make sure we understand where our weight is at on our feet at address, and also through the motion.

So first of all, to hit a good quality iron shot, we need to bring the sweet spot of the golf club down to the golf ball. The ball is on the ground, so the club—in an iron shot—should be traveling in a slightly descending motion as it comes in contact with the ball.

Now controlling that bottom of the swing arc, every golf swing has a bottom point—where the club bottoms out, and then starts to travel upward. To do that, once again, we need to know where our weight is at.

So the recommendation that I'm going to make to help you make solid contact with those irons is in your setup, I want you to feel like your weight is slightly left. Probably a 60/40 percent left, 40 percent on the right.

When I do this, I move the bottom of my swing arc forward, so that I can catch the ball as the club is travelling down. Now not only in my setup do I want that weight there, but I also recommend you keep it there throughout the motion. So as you make a move to the top, you're still going to feel like your weight is slightly left.

Now that's going to move the bottom of the swing arc—once again—in front of the ball, so we catch the iron shot on a descending motion. So here's what I want you to know: every quality iron shot, you have to be hitting slightly down on the ball in order to do that.

Where your weight is at is going to control the bottom of the swing arc; I recommend that weight is slightly forward. Remember that 60/40 split, and you're going to find you hit your iron shots much more solid.

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