How to Fix a Golf Hook

How to Fix Your Golf Hook

If you are dealing with a nasty golf hook, you can easily fix it by simply looking at your wrist positions.

Hooking or overdrawing the golf ball can occur in two different points during the golf swing. First, in the takeaway, it is very possible for the player's golf swing to get in a bad position where the wrist can end up working too far underneath and around early.

This area of the swing is where the clubface is closed down and delofted from the original starting position ultimately leading to the golf ball hooking.

The second position where the golf swing can end up in a spot that leads to the golf ball hooking is at the top of the swing or in the transition process to the top of the swing.

Generally, at the top of the swing for a player that is consistently hooking the golf ball, the swing will be very flat as well as the logo of the player's glove will be facing straight upwards.

Understanding exactly where the swing should actually be is relatively easy. Assuming you have a neutral grip, the logo on top of the player's glove should be facing towards the golf ball in the initial takeaway of the swing.

At the top of the swing, the logo on the player’s glove should be facing forward or at the direction where your golf bag could be standing.

By maintaining these two ideas throughout the initial takeaway and at the top of the swing the golfer will be able to hit golf shots that get up off the ground and do not hook.

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