Add Driver Distance With 1 Simple Drill

Who Doesn't Want More Driver Speed And Distance?

We all want more club head speed. We all want more distance off the tee. What we don't want is over-complicated swing thoughts that force us to change our swing.

With this simple drill, you can add some distance and speed without overhauling your golf swing!

Before we begin, we need to understand how to increase speed.  Now especially as we age, we start to lose flexibility and mobility, so getting more rotation becomes harder. So how can we compensate?

Well, one of the easiest ways is learning how to properly shift your pressure on your feet. Transferring from lead foot, to trail foot, back to the lead foot gives your swing a little momentum and helps you get some more speed.

The Drill

Start by taking your normal driver setup, and take a practice swing without a ball. This drill is more for feel than actually hitting the ball, to get the concept of shifting back and forth without swaying.

When you start the backswing, lift your lead foot (left foot for right-handed golfers) as the club goes over your trail shoulder. As you start the downswing, simply plant the lead foot back on the ground and swing through.  So back and lift, plant and through.

Once you've done that a few times, take your address position to the ball.  To replicate that feeling, simply lift your lead heel while you start the backswing, then plant your foot as you swing through the golf ball.

By doing this simple rehearsal drill to feel that pressure shift increase, you will start seeing increased speed and longer drives as a result.


  • Found this video very informative.

  • Nice and simple little drill and “back and lift, plant and through” could probably be used to help with temp too.

    Richard Stocker
  • Might be right down my alley 4 a club. Could you tell me diameter of the hozzle & the golf shaft that come with the driver please. Just looking to see if I have the punch to swing it. Just want to make sure I have the pop to move the club. Thanks, Joe

    Joe Bianchi sr
  • WOW! Lead foot on the back swing “little lift” Trail foot on the down swing “feels leading foot” PLANTING through the strike zone. NO SWAYING just transferring the weight [pressure] TURNING through the strike zone! — please stay in contact, Thank you, Herbert

    Herbert Weber III

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